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Born 1969 outside Karlsruhe, Germany, in the Upper Rhine Plain I am a self taught musician/composer and the founder & big kahuna of the free form outfit Kammerflimmer Kollektief. In the mid-nineties the first sketches of what would later be released under the nom-de-guerre »Kammerflimmer Kollektief« were conceived with old-skool sampling-equipment and an overdose of FMP & Wu-Tang. I felt like a group of one, but found in a short time and without having been summoned people for collective excursions in improvisation, all kinds of Psychedelia & down-home NoWave. My long time connection with Heike Aumüller & Johannes Frisch is central to the development of the Kollektief. »Music is a chance for self development. It‘s another life, in which it‘s easier to develop the art of giving.« – which is how John Stevens put it in the liner notes for Karyobin, the epoch-making first LP of the Spontaneous Music Ensemble from 1968.

I’m working at the intersection of improvisation and composition, a space where certitude slips out of reach, jouncing incessantly between precision and freedom, oscillating furiously between cut-up and palimpsest.

Furthermore, I have been expanding my musical activities into multidisciplinary projects. As a result, I composed music for films, played improvised silent music scores and explored the relationship between literature & music, poetry and rhythm. I am also writing and producing radio-plays and in 2011 I co-founded the out-rock band The Schwarzenbach with Dietmar Dath, whose novels, non-fiction and articles subvert, rise above and traverse the boundaries of genre and imagination, and do so systematically.

The radio play »Ovale Fenster«, a collaboration with Volker Zander, was awarded Radioplay Of The Month April 2012 by the Academy of Arts. In 2015 I was artist-in-residence @ the Villa Kamogawa/Goethe-Institut, Kyoto, Japan. I currently reside with my wife in Karlsruhe, Germany and Tangier, Morocco.

numerous releases on various record labels around the world: Karlrecords, Bureau B, Staubgold, Quecksilber, ZickZack, En/Of, payola, Virgin, Innervisions, Kollaps, Intuition (Germany); Bubble Core, Temporary Residence Limited, Loyal Label (USA); Leaf (GB); biphop (France); Inpartmaint Inc, Yacca, After Hours (Japan); Trost (Austria); Fenetre Records (Norway); Gusstaff (Poland) & sensory projects (Australia). Go discogs!

Jazzfest, Berlin; Marx200, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, HAU, Berlin, Germany; Literaturhaus, Stuttgart, Germany; Art’s Birthday 2018, Freiburg, Germany; Hörspieltage 2017, ZKM, Germany; Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany; Werkleitz, Halle, Germany; Transmediale, Berlin, Germany; NRW Theatertreffen, Dortmund, Germany; Alternativa, Prague, Czech Republic; Unsound, Krakow, Poland; Pukkelpop, Hasselt, Belgium; Bad Bonn, Kilbi, Switzerland; Acht Brücken, Köln, Germany; SWR Jazz Now Summit, Basel, Switzerland; Rumour, Utrecht, Netherlands; Taktlos, Zürich, Switzerland; Klangbad, Scheer, Germany; Nextsound, Kiev, Ukraine; Litcolgne, Köln, Germany; Sous La Plages, Paris, France; Donaufestival, Krems, Austria; Jeunesse, Wien, Austria; ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany; INMM, Darmstadt, Germany; Punkt, Kristiansand, Norway; Wien Modern, Austria; Off Festival, Myslowice, Poland; Jazzfestival, Kopenhagen, Denmark; Resonance, Ghent, Belgium; EnjoyJazz, Heidelberg, Germany; ArtForum, Berlin, Germany; Off Mostoles, Madrid, Spain; Buchmesse, Leipzig, Germany; RingRing, Beograd, Serbia; Skanu Mesz, Riga, Latvia; Lux Aeterna, Berlin, Germany; Elbjazz, Hamburg, Germany; Denovali, Essen, Germany.

with: Heike Aumüller, Johannes Frisch, Dietmar Dath, Evan Parker, Iris Drögekamp, Ulf Stolterfoht, Jan Bang, Christof Kurzmann, Harald Kimmig, Marco Preitschopf, Nora Thiele, Philippe Petit, Martin Siewert, Tied & Tickled Trio, Tobias Levin, Volker Zander, Paul Lovens & Bernd Schoch

2015  Villa Kamogawa, Goethe Institute, Kyoto, Japan
2017  ZKM, Karlsruhe
2020  Musikfonds

2011  Kunstakademie, Karlsruhe w/ Heike Aumüller
~ »Some things we know, some things we don’t«
2016  Hochschule für Gestaltung, Karlsruhe, hoerensagen, Blauer Salon
~ »Das Haus der Krankheiten«
2017  Neuer Ravensburger Kunstverein, Hertz Deluxe, w/ Iris Drögekamp
~ »Kamogawa Delta Intoxication«
2018  Staatliche Hochschule für Musik & Darstellende Kunst, Stuttgart
~ »Always crashing the same car«

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